Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Tour of Junk Food's Ground Zero

Deep-fried Pepsi anyone? Or would doughnut upside down cake hit the culinary G-spot. Read it here.

The New Expo

For the first time since Expo 67, we're showing the world a different face. Read it here.

Which War Are You Watching?

If Afghanistan and Iraq are so terrible, then why does Hollywood keep taking us through hell? The solution may lie in the Hurt Locker's battle for the first Best Picture to honor gamers everywhere. Read it here.

Why You Can't Knock John Mayer's Hustle

The whole race thing aside, Mayer whined his way into bed with the woman he's now scandalizing. But in America's obsession with wimpy rich men just like him, are we letting them all off the hook. Read it here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are the Olympics Ruining Everything?

What's the problem with Vancouver that no one's talking about? The spectacle of the Winter Games isn't just ruining sports — it's killing our chance to be happy. Read it here.